"Your dream wedding begins here"

With The Crown's luminous ceiling, you can create any atmosphere you want.

Getting Married at The Crown

Probably you have been dreaming of an enchanting wedding for years. So let that one day above all be a fairy tale. A wedding at The Crown will make this dream come true. The atmospheric ambiance in our festive accommodation will contribute greatly to this. The magnificent ceiling is accompanied by royal chandeliers and the room can be decorated by our own bright decorations. Of course, your own ideas and input are more than welcome. Together we will ensure a wedding day you will dream about for a long time to come.

If interested, we invite you especially to come and experience the magic of The Crown for yourself. If you would like to see a quote or hear a price indication right away, please contact us.


Reception area

In the reception area of The Crown, guests are welcomed by the staff. This is before they can/may enter the actual room. The reception area, like the hall, is realized in an atmospheric ambience.

Bridal Room

Space where the bride and groom can unwind from an exhausting photo/video shoot. A space where they can relax/relax before entering the venue and where the bride and groom can catch up on final touches.

Play area

Play area consisting of 50m2. Play area for children under the enjoyment of a nanny where the sense of children is made with various attractions. Also the possibility of watching a movie/TV. realized.

Prayer Room

The Crown has two prayer rooms for men and women separately. Here one can retreat for prayer. The prayer room includes a separate laundry room.

"Our designers are inspired
by New York interior design trends"

The Crown's designers were inspired by New York interior design trends. In particular, the chandeliers and the ceiling that serves as a light palette are atmospheric in the positive sense. From our elegant and graceful staircase you will have the best view of this complete spectacle.