"Business is allowed to be celebrated!"

At The Crown, any company is welcome, from sole proprietor to multinational.

Doing Business at The Crown

Business should be celebrated, we believe. At The Crown, every business is welcome, from sole proprietor to multinational. For example, are you looking for an impressive location for your conference, seminar or trade show? Then The Crown is your setting. But also a more modest setting such as an entire dinner with your clients is possible. In addition, The Crown offers an inspiring venue for product presentations, network meetings or special meetings.

For every occasion we create an appropriate answer. Of course we do this together with you, so that we can translate all your wishes, including your latent desires, into a suitable arrangement. The Crown is happy to meet with you so we can discuss the possibilities together.

Request a customized price quote

Through our website you can very easily request a quote. That way you know immediately where you stand: