"The World of Glitter & Glamour"

With The Crown's luminous ceiling, you can create any atmosphere you want.

Galas, corporate events and fashion shows

The Crown simply exudes class and its unique interior fits seamlessly into the world of fashion, glitter & glamour. The walls feature an eye-catching velvet fabric, making the acoustics extremely well suited for events where music plays an important role. Combined with a stately mirror pattern, The Crown is a perfect venue for fashion shows, galas and award ceremonies.

If interested, we invite you especially to come and experience the magic of The Crown for yourself. If you would like to see a quote or hear a price indication right away, please contact us.


Reception area

In the reception area of The Crown, guests are welcomed by the staff. This is before they can/may enter the actual room. The reception area, like the hall, is realized in an atmospheric ambience.

VIP Room

Space where models or guests can unwind from an exhausting photo/video shoot. A space where they can relax/relax before entering the venue.

Play area

Play area consisting of 50m2. Play area for children under the enjoyment of a nanny where the sense of children is made with various attractions. Also the possibility of watching a movie/TV. realized.

Prayer Room

The Crown has two prayer rooms for men and women separately. Here one can retreat for prayer. The prayer room includes a separate laundry room.

"Newest event venue in Rotterdam"

The Crown is the newest event venue in Rotterdam and surrounding areas and is also very easily accessible. The venue is located on the outskirts of Rotterdam and is a stone's throw from the A20 and Schiedam Station. This makes The Crown easily accessible by car as well as by public transport and the venue also offers ample free parking.